First week as a 8th grader


I have had a good week of school. The teachers are nice and are ready to teach me new stuff. I have only had a little bit of homework and it was easy. I started off season and it hurts because I haven’t been running in the summer.  it will really  hurt when I start cross-country Monday.

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All about me


My name is Jaden, I am 13 years old. I like to run, do tennis, and soccer. I have been doing soccer for 7 years. I made one of my best friends on my team. I love to play middle defense. I have been running for 5 years. I run cross-country and the 2 mile, mile, and the 400 meter run. I love running it has been good for me. I have a sister, her name is Shayla, she is older than me. I have a brother that lives with our mom not us. His name is Chris. I love them both. I am a christian and I was baptize on April 12, 2015. I love to tell people about God. He is an amazing person. I don’t know if I would be here without him.

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The Difference Between W.E.D.


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Soccer is a spot that only invests our feet but if you are goalie you use your hands. It is a fun spot if you like to run and kick. It isn’t just about kicking it is about controlling the ball and looking for a pass, not no two feet in front of you, like 25 feet in front of you is pretty good. There is one thing that is important in soccer it is the goalie if she/he is down than you are in a bad situation, unless you have axter one. The 2nd peshion is defence it is like a goalie that goes up more but they cannot us their hands. They are the people that take throw in’s and goal kick plus counter, the only way they don’t do that is if they are taking there time and it needs now, so the midd filled. That is midd filled is where a person helps forward or defence out and it is a lot of running. Then there  is  forward  it is the person that gets the bag and makes goals. That soccer I hope you like soccer as much as I do. I have been playing soccer for 5 years and play defense or midd filled.

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Tieing my shoe


I was running and playing with my dog. Then there is was an untied shoe. I was so confused and sat down and stared at it for a long time. I was going to ask for help but everyone was at work or to busy. Also I was just 5-6 years old, for a 5-6 year old that’s like  nooooo!!!!!         


 I was playing tag with my dog, I was it a lot of the time because my dog was a cheater. He would hold me down and give me kisses. He was a sweet little cheater though. There was this one time when he got my foot and was scared, because he was count on my shoe. I had know idea what  to do.

So then I wasing to help him, I was so scared i was shaking like a person that was about to die from freezing to death. I finllay got to the string and pulled as hard as I could, that wasn’t such a good idea.


After a min. I was looking at my shoe and said “  why are you untied and how do I tie you.” It was around four o’clock when i tried to got my shoe tied agian.


It was then when my brother got his shoe tied and I wished it and copied the same thing and walked off a champ.

It doesn’t hurt to ask for help at all. It is a good thing to ask for help.  


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My 11th Brithday


I got off the bus an ran home as fast as I could go the only reason I was running was because it was my birthday and I was getting a guitar. By the time I got home I drop my backpack and started to look and see if I could find it. I thought I looked every where, but I still couldn’t find it.As I hunted I asked my Ant some questions , her answers gave me hints about where it could be. I asked the most exciting question , ” can I look at it?” She said” yes ‘ just put it act and act surprised when Scott says you can look for it.” Then when I put it up Scott came into the house,so I heard to sit down. Then Scott said ” happy birthday Jaden.” I said jumping out of my seat ” can I look for my guitar? ” He said “yes.” So I looked in the same spots as the first time. Then I looked behind the chair and there it was again  The sad part was he know I found it before because the picks weren’t where they where at first. So he asked me ” id you find it before?” And I said moving my eyes side to side” no.” he said” Jaden did you or did you not.”  I side and said  yes.” He said ” OK that’s all I need to Know and I am not mad I just wanted the truth.” I felt sad for lying to Scott. although the day was over I learned lying gets you nowhere.


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When she got here I had the biggest smile ever and I hug her and I thought what I would never let go .Then  She wanted to see all 4 goats. there names are  Midnight , Star , Skittle moon, Oreo. She thought that they were so cut. But she thought that Star was the cutest out of them. Sometimes midnight will rammed her and it was so funny I was laughing so hard you could hear me for the North pole then after l stopped I went to help her. then she wanted to help me feed the goats but she thought that they would bite her and I died out laughing. And I said they don’t bite. They are nice to people because they grow up with people so there nice to people. Ok then I am ready to feed one. she got some food to feed to them and they came running to her and she was scared but then it was like a countdown so like this 4,3,2,1 and then she went scared enough more she was happy to feed them.While feeding the goat she got to pet them and she thought that there fur was weird. And the day was over it was the most amazing day ever. It is a good to try new things sometimes.

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President Poem


                 He was born in Hodgenville, Kentucky om February 12

He was a lawyer, Cerk, Store owner

has 3 children

Abraham  Lincoln

16 eletied president

He was on the penny

His face was carved on MT. Ruchmore

He went to a theater and he got shot

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