My 11th Brithday


I got off the bus an ran home as fast as I could go the only reason I was running was because it was my birthday and I was getting a guitar. By the time I got home I drop my backpack and started to look and see if I could find it. I thought I looked every where, but I still couldn’t find it.As I hunted I asked my Ant some questions , her answers gave me hints about where it could be. I asked the most exciting question , ” can I look at it?” She said” yes ‘ just put it act and act surprised when Scott says you can look for it.” Then when I put it up Scott came into the house,so I heard to sit down. Then Scott said ” happy birthday Jaden.” I said jumping out of my seat ” can I look for my guitar? ” He said “yes.” So I looked in the same spots as the first time. Then I looked behind the chair and there it was again  The sad part was he know I found it before because the picks weren’t where they where at first. So he asked me ” id you find it before?” And I said moving my eyes side to side” no.” he said” Jaden did you or did you not.”  I side and said  yes.” He said ” OK that’s all I need to Know and I am not mad I just wanted the truth.” I felt sad for lying to Scott. although the day was over I learned lying gets you nowhere.


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