Tieing my shoe


I was running and playing with my dog. Then there is was an untied shoe. I was so confused and sat down and stared at it for a long time. I was going to ask for help but everyone was at work or to busy. Also I was just 5-6 years old, for a 5-6 year old that’s like  nooooo!!!!!         


 I was playing tag with my dog, I was it a lot of the time because my dog was a cheater. He would hold me down and give me kisses. He was a sweet little cheater though. There was this one time when he got my foot and was scared, because he was count on my shoe. I had know idea what  to do.

So then I wasing to help him, I was so scared i was shaking like a person that was about to die from freezing to death. I finllay got to the string and pulled as hard as I could, that wasn’t such a good idea.


After a min. I was looking at my shoe and said “  why are you untied and how do I tie you.” It was around four o’clock when i tried to got my shoe tied agian.


It was then when my brother got his shoe tied and I wished it and copied the same thing and walked off a champ.

It doesn’t hurt to ask for help at all. It is a good thing to ask for help.  


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