Soccer is a spot that only invests our feet but if you are goalie you use your hands. It is a fun spot if you like to run and kick. It isn’t just about kicking it is about controlling the ball and looking for a pass, not no two feet in front of you, like 25 feet in front of you is pretty good. There is one thing that is important in soccer it is the goalie if she/he is down than you are in a bad situation, unless you have axter one. The 2nd peshion is defence it is like a goalie that goes up more but they cannot us their hands. They are the people that take throw in’s and goal kick plus counter, the only way they don’t do that is if they are taking there time and it needs now, so the midd filled. That is midd filled is where a person helps forward or defence out and it is a lot of running. Then there  is  forward  it is the person that gets the bag and makes goals. That soccer I hope you like soccer as much as I do. I have been playing soccer for 5 years and play defense or midd filled.

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