The Corn Poppy


My flower is the corn poppy.Its scientific classification is Papaveraceae. Its  scientific name is Papaver rhoeas. This flower grows all over the U.S. The heigth is 2 to 2 1/2 feet. an interesting fact is that this flower comes in different colors like white and pink, to red and has a hairy stem.                                                                                                                                                                          http://aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/wildseed/cornpoppy.html

Symmetry Picture




We celebrate to remeber important things like thanksgiving you are suposed to be thankful.And Christmas it is Jesuse`s Birthday. And Birthdays we do it to have a fun time and to remember when you were born.And Valentines is a way to say I love you in a secret way.And presidents day is to celebrate all of the presidents we`ve had.And Martin luther King Jr.the day we celebrate him because he sat black people free. And easter we celebrate it because that`s when Jesus died on the cross for our sins.And Halloween we celebrate because it`s fun for kids.And New Years Eve we celebrate it we are stareding a new year and to stater all ofer. And thats the resin we celebrate holldays.

The mystery problem


ROW your sit


Riarnbows are parttay dont you think. Do you know that rainbows don’t have gold at the end of it?Wit sperikles and the sun is up there will be a rianbow there.Igot my informashon at Facts for me. com

what is a frind


I can play with them win there alone. I will make them foel good abawt them salf win they’re sad.iwillsher them on.I will nafer tolkbe hind there bake. I will help so we can play with each other.

Trash to treasure


It was easy to make.

Here’s something to crow about


Thanksgiving  sounds  like  bees.

Thanksgiving  looks  like  lots  of  food.

Thankgiving  taste  like  homemade  cookie.

Thanksgiving    smells  like  cheeses.

Thanksgiving  feels  like   love   all  around.


Hello world!


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