The Past and Now


It was 2013 during summer me my bother and my sister were having fun and we were  playing games like pingpong it was so fun. We would go swmining and we would tryed to do tricks in the pool. We would have a water ballon fit. Shayla and Chris and I had a lot of fun,even though we ran out of ballon.But we couldn’t do that any more because we had to do. He would help us alot he would help us with our homework. We still got along some times. When it got to be Christmas we were happy we will get to see our family and we will be one once again. We got to put cookies and milk out for Santa and got to open one present together. We ate has a family and shard jokes .It  was the best meal I ever had in the world. That was the past now here is now. I have two goals. The frist one is to write books and read them to my friend. She can’t read well so some times I help her. I also am going  to write some books with her and we will read them to each other. My second goal is to help people. It would be a nick thing to do. It will be fun to do. I also have something I am going to stop , that is being so bossy all the time. I do it so much. I never know when Ido it but I know  Shayla and Chris had all of it. There is one thing I want to lrean and that is to understand the word triathalon. I have to do it and I don’t know what it means. I have four books I want to read and they are Harry Poter books and Dairy of a Whimpy Kid and the Bible and Baby Mouse. I would love to read them all.


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